The Unexpected

May 21, 2015

Hey! I am a student of economics rather saying a student I would say I am forced to learn economics. Its like the arrange marriage system in most of the South Asian countries. I was forced to marry economics so I did not study it well, I as not showed the path to enjoy it, as a result I hated it. I hated so I failed, now I am in a position that if I donot get at least 60% number I will be thrown out of my university. Rather I should say I am going to have a big change in my life which is going to be a very unexpected one and I do not want it. I would like to take the challenge further and go ahead. So the idea is I have to get 100 I got 16 I have to get 84 so for that till now I have 24 I have to get 60 more, I might get 24 on my Development Economics course so that would make my margin to 36 to get at least 36 I have to get 9 out of 9 in econometrics or I have to get at least 5 in Macroeconomics and Econometrics. so I decided whatever I am going to learn I will be sharing over my blog. My learning will be starting from the day I know which is the other subject I am reexamining again. Macroeconomics or Microeconomics. I am going to get my result on 22nd lets see what is waiting for me. Please leave some positive comment for me so that I get encourage.


February 21, 2015

Yes moved to a new country. But the funny things is that I am experiencing the same shit that I hated most back at home and exactly for which I ran away. I know now why mature people are really called mature because they are so fucked up in their life that they do not realize to see the other sides of the life. for example I am living a very boxed life in my head that I cant not come out of this feelings. May be I am really concerned about it for me not being in a serious relationship or I am alone or what. I was not interested till I found the interest now if you are leaving I do feel bad but nothing to do. I am really sorry for myself.

2 1st june

August 7, 2011

The next morning I wake up early got ready so quickly, took rickshaw and went for my office. I felt very different. One of the important things in my mind was as this was the first day we should give them a positive impression. We did it successfully though I did not like my supervisor. After all the formalities my supervisor showed me my desk and it was really very nice. I loved it. it was quite confusing for me what was my duty. I started to read their portal, documents and the responsibilities of the departments. That day I was getting impatient to get to home at the very end. We all 5 together got out to have lunch and then after 5 we got out of the office. Whn I came back to home I got nothing to do and felt really alone. I can’t remember whom did I talk but I talked to my mother that’s for sure.

Adventure : New test

August 3, 2011

Passed two months? Gosh I cannot believe it. It was such struggling and stressful for me to convince my father and come Dhaka to join my internship. Still I can hear him hissing “what will the internship give to you?” I started to cry when I was telling “it is about my career.” Though he did not agree but he took me to Dhaka and helped me to get the women hostel. Still the day is crystal clear to me.

On the road when every office was having their lunch break I was looking for my office. On that day, I reached in Dhaka by train after 7hours of tiring train journey. After getting into the hostel I found myself with nothing except my cloths and the bed. I went totally confused what to buy and where to buy. However my first goal was to visit my office as I was going to join it on 1st June. The address was given to me seemed puzzling. I walked alone in the road and of course the shinny sun was just above on my head. However, I was not afraid; the excitement of starting a new life helped me to forget the cruel fact of being alone in such an insecure and crowded place. After roaming around the Gulshan circle I found the office of my friend who helped me to found my office which was really near to hers. I hugged her; her adorable smile welcomed me to the beginning of the new life. By the enthusiastic words she was sharing her experience of the office where she was interning.
After walking just for 5 minutes we found the road and I saw the office building. It was a red color building written GIZ which is an INGO. I liked the area as it was surrounded with green trees and the place was much charming, quiet than any other roads that I had been in Dhaka till then. I wanted to go inside though I know at that moment I was not authorized but the next day I would get the permission.

After telling bye I walked back to reach my hostel. I walked alone through the road though I was not sure about the exact way of returning.

New starting

July 31, 2011

Not just because I like to write about myself : you are a person to me.

Peculiar Creatures (story)

January 16, 2010

I remind my mother that it is my playing time with the sun light. “I am coming back after sometimes,” I shouted out and start diving. I am going up through the “marinun” colony where mermaid and mermen live happily like the ending

of a fairy tale “happy ever after.” “Marinun” live in the deep ocean where sun light can hardly see, here we count a day in 24 hours but hours are divided by 1440 minutes. I like to be out of the home two times in an hour. Once in the first half of the hour when the funny gorgeous sun smiles in cloudless sky and another is in the last minutes when the round moon spread a pure white mysterious power over the whole azure ocean. I do not want to spend a second now. The ocean is very quite now so it is easy for me dive. Suddenly, one “octopuraus,” the vehicle in the ocean which like a curt moved by an octopus stops and blocks my way. King of meriun, my father roughly asks with a frown “come! Let’s join the Marinun conference to talk about “whalinization,” colonization of bitter whale.” “Sorry, it is my pleasure to meet you but I am afraid that I will be sleeping during conference, I better have some relaxation time outside of home,” I answered in a hurry and wave to say good bye to him. He left but wasted my playing time. I need to move fast because the sun will leave the beach and I may not see her. “Oh! Dear sun where you are my friend, “I cry out. It happens what I was suspecting. The orange sun leaves the beach but her light is still here. I miss her, what to do now? There is no one on the sandy color beach even a lit bird. The drowsy sky without could marks and bored rocks make the atmosphere monotonous. The breathing of quiet and calm Ocean with little white waves foam is creating curvy lines like my green hair. The whole beach seems like missing her friends and thinking about past days without making any noise. I am must be sad now. “Wait a minute! Look, look up,” I cry out to myself. I s that a bird with very ugly yellow and red wing like a upset down half moon without feather? Strange, it does not like bird wings because something hanging with it with strings like an octopus catches something and flies in the sky. There are three of them. Dear my, they are getting closer to me. The hanging creature is like half mermen but they have two sticks instead of aquamarine fish tail. Their torso is like us but they have very ugly skin color. Why do not they have beautiful pink? Their big eyes are staring at me as they never saw any mermaid before. I feel like a butterfly is inside my stomach as those half bird creatures are coming toward me. I can hear their screaming now and they are falling so fast now. I better go home now. Dear young sunlight I have to say bye to you. I will visit you again, if these disgusting ugly awkward half bird creature fly, I better say move away. Bye, bye.

*“marinun” “octopuraus,” “whalinization,” these are authors own idea.


January 7, 2010

I don’t know what to write. The thing is actually I want to write something. I feel like I have many things to write but don’t know how to manage it by words to express to you. You are my friend, a sudden friend, I never expect a better friend in my life because from my childhood I could not continue a better friendship. I made friendships depend on the institution or work place. I never write letters to any of my friends. You know we sent little pieces of paper with a line to our classmates in Bangle but a whole letter? Oh! In this era of technology we have mobile phone, internet so why to waste time by writing letters. However, during this long vacation as it is hard to spend time without doing simply anything writing letters can be a pastime work
 ha ha ha ha ha…
  My dear loving friend the world may seem little to many people but for me it’s extremely huge as everyone has their own world (as I do) like me. To me the world is bounded with my friends, family and imagination. Though this world is too tiny but it is meaningful to me because I have you. Yes, I am talking about all my friends like you who know about me more than I do. They know where is my beauty what makes me happy, when I cry, all these things. I am now at home but not alone as I feel my friend’s warm wishes. I do love loneliness but I can’t think an alone place without my friendship (sound silly?) I don’t want to break this invisible but strong strength called friendship.

Hello world!

December 25, 2009

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